Diamond Partner

 BT’s Panorama solution is an innovative wealth management experience, transforming the management of investment portfolios, SMSFs, super and insurance for you and your clients. It’s built around the way you work, designed to help make managing your business and your clients’ wealth more efficient.

Founded in 1999, Netwealth was established to provide astute investors and wealth professionals with a better way to invest, protect and manage their current and future wealth. As a business, Netwealth seeks to enable, educate and inspire Australians to see wealth differently and to discover a brighter future.

Netwealth offers a range of innovative portfolio administration, superannuation, retirement, investment and managed account solutions to investors and non-institutional intermediaries including financial advisers, private client and high net worth firms.

Netwealth’s award-winning platform is currently rated Australia’s Number 1 Platform for overall functionality and overall satisfaction* providing wealth professionals with the technology required to efficiently manage and add value to their clients.

*Joint winner, award for ‘Overall Satisfaction with Platform’, Investment Trends 2017 Planner Technology Report; Winner, award for ‘Best Platform Overall', Investment Trends 2016 Platform Benchmarking Report

Gold Partner

AdviserLogic is the award-winning and rapidly growing leader in the Adviser CRM and Practice Management software sector. Established in 2006, AdviserLogic now has a range of cloud-based and related services purpose-built to assist Financial Advisers to prosper.

In 2015, the company launched the now very successful PayLogic solution – helping Licensees simplify and de-risk their business-critical Revenue Management task – and this year AdviserLogic won the 3 primary awards from the annual Investment Trends research. Importantly, it was the third year in a row that the company won in the “ease of use” category, the second year in a row for the “value for money” category, as well as the overall satisfaction award for the first time.

DomaCom Australia Limited ACN 153 951 770 launched Australia’s first online fund to provide a fractional property investment solution for the SMSF market and other long-term investors through the acquisition of units in a unique trust structure that enables investors to choose the property they want. Residential, rural and commercial property Australia wide can be accessed in this fund, sourced from a variety of vendors and developers.

In addition, the DomaCom model can be deployed to facilitate thematic investment in commercial and socially responsible developments in infrastructure, environmental and community projects with desirable financial outcomes. Examples of projects under discussion include agriculture, bioHubs, affordable housing, solar farms, energy, food processing, logistics and transport.

DomaCom is also working to extend the fractional technology to an equity release solution for senior Australians to access much needed capital and will add corporate bonds and lending to the list.

For more than 20 years IRESS has been the principal technology partner to wealth management and financial market businesses and professionals, providing connectivity, trading, wealth management and market data solutions.

IRESS XPLAN is the pre-eminent and most comprehensive suite of integrated wealth management software in Australia and for ten consecutive years has been assessed as the leading financial planning software platform in Investment Trends’ FP Software Benchmark Report. As the world continues to change and our clients face new challenges, we’re still the principal partner of Australia’s finance sector and we’re ready for the next 20 years.

Planet of Finance is the new generation of financial adviser representing the largest online global community dedicated to wealth management. We are the ultimate meeting place to discover, connect and learn about how to best manage your wealth and achieve financial freedom.

It is a global platform with a team of experts with decades of combined experience in Private Banking/Wealth Management, Technology and Anything Digital. Created in 2009, our Head Office is located in Monaco with local representation in United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Benelux, Dubai, Hong-Kong, United States and now launching in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Planet of Finance 3D is an innovative and unique permanent virtual marketplace dedicated to the wealth management industry. It allows the finance community to connect and visit online booths of advisors and service providers from their computer, as well as attend exclusive thematic conferences such as wealth management, robo-advisors, or fintech. It is a perfect place to find new investment opportunities or business partners.

Spectrum Wealth Advisers (SWA) is not owned by a bank, we have grown to over 350 authorised representatives mainly through word-of-mouth referrals from our existing advisers. We have achieved this growth by providing an environment of support, where Advisers can run their business without interference or undue involvement. SWA was created by Financial Planners for Financial Planners. We have a simple philosophy which is:

“Take good care of our Financial Planners so that they can take good care of their clients!”

Spectrum Wealth Advisers believes in doing everything possible to promote enduring and beneficial relationships with our Financial Planners so that they in-turn have the scope and support to bring the best to their clients.

Silver Partner


Financial Mappers PRO is a financial modelling tool that provides a new Client Collaboration Platform, for Advisors to work with a new wave of clients. Clients who want to be more independent in determining their financial future, and would normally not consult an adviser can now utilize shared access to the Financial Mappers modelling platform. This means that client goals and preferences can be entered and adjusted by clients and/or their advisers, and they can clearly see the modelled future outcomes of entered strategies. Financial Mappers provides instant graphs, charts, and reports on the screen, showing the entire impact of single investing decisions on clients’ future financial outcomes, prompting conversations with Advisers regarding the further advice they now know they need. This modelling tool is an adjunct to the traditional financial planning software, and allows initial low fee advice, and the means of building strong client engagement during face to face or online meetings.

IOOF Alliances offers support services designed to make a real difference to how you run your AFSL so you can spend more time on what really matters – delivering quality advice to clients

Members of IOOF Alliances receive much needed support to run their business. In addition to personal support from a dedicated team, members gain access to an extensive online collection of tools and resources covering licensee support, practice management, technical services, marketing support and more.

Members also have the opportunity to network and share ideas with other self-licenced advisers at events held throughout the year, as well via an online community that encourages idea sharing across a range of topics.

Members of IOOF Alliances also have the opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s leading experts at events including:

  • practice management forums
  • professional development days
  • an annual conference.

You spend countless hours preparing SOA’s & considering your client’s needs. Why trust the administration of your SMSFs to just anyone?

Backed by qualified SSA specialists, SMSF Alliance has supportive & knowledgeable staff to help your business implement your strategies with our Strategic Administration offering. We are aligned with your need to provide the highest quality service to your clients.

If you value an Independent, onshore service provider then we tick that box too. SMSF Alliance is an Independently owned firm. We guarantee that no work will ever be offshored.

Our transparent & competitive fee schedule adds more value to your offering.

Event Partners

ASX operates at the heart of Australia’s financial markets.  It is among the world’s top 10 exchange groups and is the global leader in A$ and NZ$ financial markets.

We are a fully integrated exchange across multiple asset classes. This includes offering access to domestic and international equities, fixed income, infrastructure and property products through listed, traded and post-trade structures. This enables our retail, SMSF Trustee and financial planning clients a simple and cost-effective way to build diversified investment portfolios.

ASX advocates for regulations that support end-investors, promote the growth and integrity of the market, and strengthen Australia’s global competitiveness.

Association Partner

The Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals [AIOFP] was registered in 1998 by a group of independently owned Advisers to differentiate their practices in an institutionally dominated market place. To be a member the practice must not have any institutional ownership, be of good fame and operate its own AFSL. The AIOFP now also accepts individual members under these conditions.


AIOFP’s founding objective was to protect and promote the interests of members and their clients without fear or favour, we have and always will act in our members best interests. AIOFP’s point of difference to other market options is its members, Board and management are all from the independently owned sector - we are not influenced or dictated to by other agendas or factions in our membership.


The AIOFP are pleased that ASIC has recently recognised the role AIOFP and its members play by allowing our members to display the AIOFP logo on promotional material subject to a suitable disclaimer.


AIOFP is the largest Association representing the Independently owned sector with over 3,000 advisers in its membership.

Event Supporters

The Independent Financial Advisers Association of Australia guides Australians on how to find financial advisers who practice without incentive and without conflicts. It also educates and promotes the Gold Standard of Independence™ for financial advisers in Australia.

Over the recent years, the work of the IFAAA has attracted much attention, from consumer enquires all over Australia in search of IFAAA members practising the Gold Standard, to financial planners wanting to know “how” they can practice the Gold Standard, requests for ‘authority’ comments from the media and invitations from government bodies to sit on expert panels and establish a national financial adviser register.

The success of the IFAAA’s message has meant that our core purpose has expanded to:

  • Simplify the definition of independence for advisers
  • Promote the value of independent advice to consumers
  • Train and develop independent financial advisers
  • Safe guard the interests of the public.

The Ethics Centre has put good decision making at the centre of our everyday personal and professional lives for 25 years. We work with organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors to deliver education and training, one-on-one counselling and business strategy and advisory services.

The Ethics Centre is the only non-profit organisation in the world giving practical guidance on complicated ethical issues across all levels of society. Within communities and across continents, we help individuals, organisations, industries, militaries and governments embed ethics in thought and action.

We use a range of immersive learning experiences, practical tools, and custom research models and methodologies. We also draw on the latest research in philosophy, psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience to inform our programs.